Avidity Real Estate Services, LLC is a Real Estate Brokerage Company licensed by the State of Minnesota.  The company is a sister company to Avidity Financial, LLC.  While Avidity Financial, LLC places financing for a multitude of multi-family and commercial purposes, Avidity Real Estate Services, LLC provides leasing and property management services for multi-family, student housing,  and commercial properties.

Through its management and leasing services, Avidity Real Estate Services, LLC always strives to maximize the value of any project that it manages.  The Company and its participants have participated in the successful turnaround of a number of multi-family and commercial properties.  Services provided include:

  1. Evaluation of a property for the purpose of identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Development of a management and leasing plan to maximize revenue and minimize operating expenses.
  3. A review of all operating policies, manuals and documents for the purpose of strengthening operating procedures and eliminating compliance issues.
  4. A review of all operating expenses and debt terms for the purpose of identifying areas where overhead or cash outflow can be minimized, thus helping to maximize cash flow.
  5. Training and, when necessary, replacing property personnel.
  6. Preparation of projections, and accounting for operations, including preparation of variances from projection.

The principals of Avidity Real Estate Services, LLC utilize their experience in real estate, property management, banking, and accounting and finance to provide many services not normally available from property management companies.